What We Do

Location UK are a “buyers” agent, excelling in assisting serious overseas buyers in locating the best property to suit their needs, and of course at the lowest possible price. The majority of overseas buyers are either grouped into those who wish to seek an investment property or those looking for a property to use for themselves.



1. Investment Properties 


The UK is seen by many overseas buyers as a particularly secure location for a medium to long-term investment. They are not necessarily looking to relocate to the UK but rather wish to grow their money with minimum hassle in a secure manner. They wish to find a company who can handle all elements of the investment process including locating the investment property, handling the buying process, letting and property management, dealing with the relevant UK government departments, and negotiating further down the property line in future.


Location UK’s properties deliver one of the best net rental yields in the UK and over the coming years are expected to grow extensively in value. We advise that it is better to purchase a number of smaller properties rather than one large expensive property, with view to delivering better net rent, a larger capital growth, and add flexibility and reduce risk.


LocationUK is able to provide you with a complete property investment solution. We search for and purchase suitable investment properties, rent them out, and then sell them to overseas investors in a secure way.


We have systems in place to reduce risk with use of official client accounts, appointment of knowledgeable solicitors to do local searches and registration under buyer’s name at the UK Land Registry.


Following purchase it is standard for us to organise management of the properties on the clients behalf and thus all rental statement and payments etc are fully accountable to the investor.


We can assist you to purchase even if you are not able to come to Great Britain at this time) as ID documents can be attested by a lawyer in your own country.


2. Own Use Properties 


In the event that overseas buyers are looking to purchase a property for their own use, Location UK will act as a Buyer’s Agent and find you the best property for your specifications in the UK. In the cases where we find you properties to buy from 3rd party vendors and agents, you will be charged a fee, of which a percentage will have to be paid in advance as a registration fee.


The steps involved in search for ‘own use’ properties are as follows.


  1. Find out your requirements. 
  2. Search for Suitable Own Use Properties. 
  3. Produce a Short-list. 
  4. Viewings & Selection. 
  5. Help with Negotiations for best price & terms. 
  6. Oversee the Transaction Process to Completion. 


In some cases, we may simply give you advice and refer you to local Estate Agents who may be more familiar than us with your desired location. In such cases we will tell you that we cannot deal directly with your property search but will still provide help and advice